The main production and operation of Magang pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, lining plastic pipe fittings and other related casting products

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Account Manager






1, responsible for the company's product sales and promotion;

2. According to the regional sales target formulated by the company, formulate the sales plan of the region, decompose the target and organize the implementation;

4, the regional market for customer development, complete the distribution network layout;

4. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, broaden business channels, and regularly visit new and old customers in urban areas

5. Be responsible for formulating the regional product promotion activity plan every month, and summarize and analyze each activity after the activity;


Senior Operations Manager




10000 - 12000 yuan

Work Content

1. Be independently responsible for the product operation of the department, including but not limited to collecting and sorting out the product requirements of the department, docking with the product manager, following up the requirements, and tracking the performance of the product after it goes online;

2. Be able to establish an effective data tracking mechanism according to the operation objectives and the current situation of the products, promote and optimize the operation plan according to the requirements of business development, and be responsible for the implementation of online related product promotion activities to reach kpi index;

3, continue to follow up the product effect, analysis of user behavior, demand, understand the trend of competitors, and competitive analysis;

4, According to the current situation of operation, productize the existing process and optimize the business efficiency.


Senior Engineer





Job Description

We are a group of back-end engineers who have the ultimate pursuit of technology. We are responsible for building a company-level business platform and business center, and are committed to promoting the development of all businesses.

As the main research and development team of the company's large-scale activities such as the Spring Festival, joining us will have the opportunity to participate in the challenge of high concurrent projects of million-level QPS.

1. Participate in the development of fast-hand core product requirements, deeply explore and analyze business requirements, write technical solutions and system design, and related code development;

2. Accept the challenge of high concurrency and massive data, analyze and discover the optimization points of the system, and be responsible for promoting the performance and availability of the system;

3. Accept the challenge of the complexity of the design and implementation of the mid-stage/platform system, analyze and discover the optimization points of the system, and be responsible for promoting the rationality, reliability and availability of the system;

4. Introduce innovative technologies and solutions to the team and solve problems with innovative ideas.






6000 - 8000 yuan

Job Description

Computer Science or related major, 2 years working experience

Have a certain understanding of front-end engineering and modular development, and have practical experience (such as webpack/gulp, etc.)

Be familiar with and pay attention to the front-end mainstream libraries and frameworks, and understand the design ideas and implementation principles of the framework.

Familiarity with a server-side language (e. g. PHP/NodeJS) is preferred

Continuous passion for front-end technology, strong communication skills

Project Manager




6000 - 8000 yuan

Job Description:

1. linux kernel maintenance and upgrade of fast internal servers;

2. Performance tuning of linux kernel based on service characteristics;

3. Research and application of new kernel technologies;

4. Research and improvement of container related technology.


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