The main production and operation of Magang pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, lining plastic pipe fittings and other related casting products

Mine processing


Mine processing

mine processing

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How to do anti-corrosion measures for steel parts?

Whether the anti-corrosion work of the steel parts can be done well will play a vital role in the project, which will not only affect the quality of the whole project, but also affect the progress of the project.


What is the cause and mechanism of sand sticking in steel parts?

The sand sticking of the steel is a casting defect caused by metal penetration. It is the result of the destruction of the balance of dynamic pressure, static pressure, friction and capillary force at the interface between the mold and the metal.


Problems needing attention in the installation of grooved pipe fittings

Groove pipe fittings using groove type pipe joint connection in various types of construction installation gradually popular, its fast and reliable characteristics of the installation industry colleagues recognized, Shanxi groove pipe fittings in fire engineering construction has also been widely used.