The main production and operation of Magang pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, lining plastic pipe fittings and other related casting products

Casting and Metallurgical microstructure test

The chemical composition of castina materials determines their mechanical properties, and strict control of pouring temperature, pouring time, and weight measurement of molteiron can ensure the microstructure and properties of the materials. The company adoptsadvanced methods to detect the smelting process, such as spectrum analyzer, furnacefront molten iron rapid analyzer, and molten iron temperature tester, so that each furnace of molten iron can obtain standard judgment before pouring, and the casting compositioncan be controlled online during the smelting process.


Experiment of mechanics of material

The Material Mechanical Property Laboratory is responsible for the mechanical property inspection of all metal products. it conducts comprehensive tensile, compressive, yield, and elongation tests on samples of bolts and nuts castings, ensuring that each indicator meets the requirements of FM and UL standards.


Experiments on Physical Properties of Rubber

The company's rubber physical performance laboratory is responsible for testing the mechanical and aging properties of each batch of sealing rings, including Shore hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, compression permanent deformation after hot air aging, and other indicators, meeting FM and UL standards.


Airtightness experiment

The purpose of the airtightness test is to test  the sealing performance of the pipe fittings. The gas penetration force is strong, and the airtightness test can expose the air holes and sand holes present in the casting, eliminating the hidden danger of water leakage.


Molding sand performance test

The performance inspection of molding sand includes the permeability, strength, and mud content of the molding sand, providing a reasonable sand mixing plan for the casting factory to avoid fluctuations in molding sand performance and reduce casting defects.


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