The main production and operation of Magang pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, lining plastic pipe fittings and other related casting products
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Malleable steel is forged cast iron, which is often used to manufacture pipe fittings, such as various pipe joints. The main application scope of malleable steel pipe fittings, such as gas supply and heat supply, fire water supply, etc., has its practical application. Malleable steel parts have certain advantages, such as good mechanical properties, high performance, and good effects in strength, hardness and wear resistance. Therefore, malleable steel pipe has a wide application scope.

Product Details

1. Complete specifications

Magang pipe fittings complete specifications, with good repeatability and adjustability. The types of steel pipe fittings usually include elbows, tees, crosses, outer wires, pipe hoops, etc. The types of pipe fittings for different purposes are also suitable for different industries. At the same time, according to different requirements and actual needs, the steel pipe fittings can also be made of different materials and precision grades.

2. economic and practical

Magang's pipe fittings are made with high precision, accurate forming size and stable processing quality, which not only meets international standards, but also has practical use and economic benefits.

3. Easy to install and maintain

Magang pipe fittings have good installation performance and maintenance. Because it is prefabricated in the factory, the installation on site only needs simple splicing, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, when the pipeline system fails, it is more convenient and quick to replace or repair.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance

The steel pipe fittings can be made of different materials, and the material can be flexibly selected according to the different media. In the complex environment of high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and low pressure, the steel pipe fittings have the characteristics of excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the pipeline system.

Plant workshop


1. Who are we?

Founded in 1995, Shanxi Xinsheng Masteel Co., Ltd. is a modern production enterprise engaged in casting production, mechanical processing to plastic coating packaging and sales.

2. How do we guarantee the quality?

The company has always adhered to the business principle of "survival by quality and development by science and technology", implemented and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and completed the national fire protection product certification. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of pipe fittings for more than 20 years, we have established strict industrial regulations for every process from raw material procurement, pipe production to product quality inspection.

3. What can you buy from us?

The main production and operation of Magang pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, lining plastic pipe fittings and other related casting products, and is widely used in fire, gas, construction, water supply and drainage and other pipeline projects.

4. Why do you want to buy from us?

Now has medium frequency induction furnace, 417 vertical automatic molding line, automatic sand mixer and other advanced production equipment, annual production of more than 30000 tons of castings. Large and medium-sized cities in the country have sales outlets and business. While stabilizing the domestic market, our products have successfully entered the international markets such as Europe, America, South Korea and the Middle East, and have been highly recognized by customers.

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